thinking about sewing..

My sewing machine came!  I still need to read the instruction manual, but I'm so excited to get started on my first project.  I know I need to start very basic (any favorite & useful beginner projects?)...

maybe with some napkins (options #1 or #2),

then work my way to a blanket or hooded towel

and finally more forward with some other ideas I've ambitiously bookmarked:

But please tell me-- what sites to you search for for sewing inspiration? pattern reviews?  Any favorite modern sewing project books?  



Pattie said...

I love Martha Stewart's sewing encyclopedia!

Have fun with your new machine :D

Lindsey said...

so cool! i can't wait to see what you create!

you should do a teepee like missy's. my sister made me one and my kids love it.

Jules said...


This is a great sew-along blog with lovely photos of each step. I'd highly recommend it to a beginner!

Ashley said...

Kelli, That's so exciting to get your new sewing machine.
It looks like you've already found the Purl Bee, which is one of my favorite sites. I also love Amy Butler's site (www.amybutlerdesign.com) which has some great free patterns. I'm dying to try out some of her quilts. I have Amy's "In Stitches" book and although I haven't actually tried any yet, it has a wide range of patterns for every area in your home, plus purses and other personal accessories.
Can't wait to see your first project!

Meg said...

I agree that purl bee is one of my favorite sites. I say just dive right in!!! You're going to love it! I have to say thank you for posting that link for the quilt. I have been looking for a good quilt pattern forever to make for our bedroom. Something that wasn't too feminine, so my husband will like it too. I think this is the winner, thanks for posting it!

KJ said...

purl soho/purl bee blog. bean bags, an i-spy bag, a baby blanket, maybe a tote bag for your little one. all good projects to start. I'm in love with the denyse schmidt quilt.