to sew.

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I wanted one big thing for my thirtieth birthday: to learn a new skill.  After months of deliberating, I've decided to learn to sew.  Of course I'll be a beginner so I don't need much, but I'm on a serious search for a good basic sewing machine.

I know I want the option to quilt, but other than that-- where to start?  I spent last night reading reviews and this has been the most helpful so far.  I might as well pay homage to Purl Soho now because they'll likely be the source of inspiration and materials.   [Even without sewing or knitting know-how, I'm already a daily reader of  their great blog!]

Clearly it's all very subjective, but what machine do you use and love?  What do you look for?  Or avoid?  



Linz said...

happy belated bday and...yay for sewing! i can't sew worth anything, so i'll live vicariously through you. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've asked this question before. Many people say get a vintage machine that's metal and not made of plastic like modern machines. Janome, Brother, Pfaff, and Bernina are brands that I know people like. If you sign up for sewing classes, you will likely sew on a Bernina - it's the gold standard.

Purl Soho is amazing. I keep hoping that people will mistake me for that Molly. If only I were that talented!

Yay for sewing - my 9 yr old takes lessons and I live vicariously through her, which is silly. I should just take them too!

KJ said...

I'm a beginner, too. So far: an i-spy bag, heated rice bags, and 3 baby blankets. My husband just purchased a basic sewing machine at Costco. The price is good and it has plenty of features and thus far I'm not too overwhelmed. I think it's a Brother.

Mandi C said...

I've used several kinds and Bernina are hands down my favorite. They just run really well. If you purchase one through a certified dealer you can get free sewing classes! So that's always super.

Pfaff and Brother's are great too.

Good luck! I'm in the beginner sewing boat with you. :)