Yes on 29!

Hi again. In case any of you are lingering in a blog feed, I have a proposition for you:

If you are Californian or have been or know someone who is, you understand that California lives strong because it is good.

If you know cancer because you've lived it or someone you know has (sometimes one in the same), you understand that it lives strong because it is awful.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most important- love, truth and saying YES to prop 29. Let's help good fight bad.

On June 5th a Yes vote on 29 will raise the cost of a pack of cigarettes by $1 and dedicate those new funds to cancer research. 

Spread the word and wage for good. YES on 29. (Read here for more.)



lap duvet sketchbook.

Let's revisit the fantastic Purl Bee because I found Molly's lap duvet sketchbook tonight and cannot look past it.   Naomi Ito's Nani Iro line is exactly what I would hand pick for a first "quilt" project.  And the practicality of a made-to-fit gauze blanket for an evening show or novel is extra encouraging.


threading paper.

Oh no.  I haven't been without the delightful this summer, I've almost just had so much of it that my head is spinning: four weeks of swim lessons, camping on the coast, a birthday, school shopping, furniture deliveries and a big family reunion coming at us quickly.  (And I can't help but take any spare time to Pinterest instead.)

But this- threading paper on a string- stands simple but colorful and clever.  That's what I'm attracted to most this month.


lunchbox roundup:

We are (well, Cole is) starting Kindergarten in August!  And although this is both a hugely happy and frightening change, a big part of me is feeling so excited about lunch-boxes and backpacks and back to school clothes.

Of course school gear is all so new to me, so I've spent time searching.  I've started with lunchboxes and these are my very different favorites:

For the days of yummy leftovers.  Sturdy Dutch design.  All bpa-free and dishwasher safe.  Choose blue, green or orange.

Because he's only a kindergartner once!  Soft, insulated, wipe-clean design with special inside mesh pocket that holds a coldpack.  (Choose from 8 animals.)  Super!

Made of washable (and stain-free) neoprene, zips closed and stores flat.  (It's been a favorite bib brand of ours for years now.)


[update: I need to add Chelsea's recommendation because it looks amazing!]

Made to keep food separate.. and decorate with stickers?  This seems like a winner, too!

Anything to share from your search or experience?


barley & birch

We spent the day at Stinson Beach, then winding through the incredible Marin Headlands to make our way home, where I found this t-shirt waiting for us on the front porch.  It's super-soft and graphic and that could be enough.  But Barley & Birch sells "unabashedly organic, planet-saving clothes" that are both gentle on the planet (offsetting emissions) and aggressive with helping improve people's lives around the world (donating profits).  All this reminded me that although I still wish my boys to become peaceful and influential globetrotters, change can start with a tee.  

[We bought ours at Fawn & Forest.  Unfortunately it took ages to arrive, but luckily it felt worth the wait.]


training pants.

With summer close, there is probably a whole army of parents that have promised themselves that now is the time to tackle potty training.  I'm one of them.  We got extra lucky for our first and started and finished in about 4 days (straight to underwear- no training pants, ever).  But with little Finn, I have a feeling that I'll need extra backup.  This is where two layers of extra absorbent terry liner comes in handy and it doesn't hurt that they're stripe-y with no itchy elastic touching skin.  

[Do you think training pants are the way to go?  Do you go straight to underwear?  Prefer disposable pull-ups?]


inspired: Alfred Megally photography

seen: "Little Town" (Guanajuato, Mexico)

This is brilliant. Today, I'm inspired by the world's color.  (And want to see all of it first hand.)


organic bamboo cutting boards.

I want this year to be the year I really work on perfecting my kitchen.  Add more favorite pots and knives (sharpen my current ones!).  Finally get that mandoline.  Replace my can opener.  Build a collection of white serving dishes (one Alpilco piece at a time).  Buy a roaster.  Bring in more color.  Sort and simplify.

These seem like the perfect place to start.  

Jefferson shoes.

seen: kids / mens Jefferson shoes by Native $34.99, $44.99

I've never been much into matching my family, but love the idea of coordinating daddy and little boy Jefferson shoes for summertime.  Because they're classics that will breach age- (and even gender) specific design.  I love the lemonade yellow & kermit green brights!  

Have you tried them?  What do you think?  I'm so curious...

[Available at the hassle/risk free Zappos.  (kids / mens)]


tip: italian clamp lid jars!

These images aren't new (although still dreamy and inspiring), but this just in: Italian clamp lid storage jars aren't only for amazing open pantries and celebrities.  

I've searched and searched and found that Crate&Barrel outlet has Fido brand jars on clearance in a variety of sizes (from $3.95- $9.95)!  Save some for me..