lunchbox roundup:

We are (well, Cole is) starting Kindergarten in August!  And although this is both a hugely happy and frightening change, a big part of me is feeling so excited about lunch-boxes and backpacks and back to school clothes.

Of course school gear is all so new to me, so I've spent time searching.  I've started with lunchboxes and these are my very different favorites:

For the days of yummy leftovers.  Sturdy Dutch design.  All bpa-free and dishwasher safe.  Choose blue, green or orange.

Because he's only a kindergartner once!  Soft, insulated, wipe-clean design with special inside mesh pocket that holds a coldpack.  (Choose from 8 animals.)  Super!

Made of washable (and stain-free) neoprene, zips closed and stores flat.  (It's been a favorite bib brand of ours for years now.)


[update: I need to add Chelsea's recommendation because it looks amazing!]

Made to keep food separate.. and decorate with stickers?  This seems like a winner, too!

Anything to share from your search or experience?


GBR1980 said...

I love the zoo themed ones..so very adorable and cute!!

yours truly said...

Well that top one sure is cool! I want that for myself. Maybe think "coolest?" from a kids point of view... hmm.
Tate has the Goodbyn lunch box and we both really like it. It holds quite a bit, and it comes with tons of funny stickers for them to decorate it? Although I do wish it had a space for an ice pack- that is a nice option.

kelli said...

chelsea, woah- goodbyn? looks super and it's new to me. that was quickly added to my "favorites" list! thanks.

Jennifer Woodbury said...

The zoo ones? Love them. I have heard great things about Goodbyn. PlanetBox is another to check out.

I also love using these boxes to pack Ella's lunches without any waste (I throw it in her lunch box with an ice pack): http://www.amazon.com/Lock-3-6-Rectangular-Storage-Trays/dp/B000R9ZT2S/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1306805443&sr=8-10

Also, if you haven't checked out this blog you should (although she hasn't been updating regularly of late): http://www.anotherlunch.com/

Missy said...

I think I am liking that Goodbyn lunchbox!! Except I would prefer that it could house an icepack...what do you think?

Maybe the Skiphop?

Swenson Family said...

This past school year we went with a Go Green lunchbox and it was fabulous because we didn't have to deal with tupperware and baggies. Very easy to pack. The only drawback was that I couldn't fit some whole fruits in it, like apples. But it worked fine to cut up the fruit and put it in the compartments. It is similar to the goodyn at the bottom. Good luck! It is fun to shop for those things. Mia is starting kindergarten too! So exciting!

Swenson Family said...

The selection for girls in the Go Green lunchbox are a lot more plentiful than the boy ones though.

Bridget said...

that oots one is the coolest.

Libbie said...

That last lunch box is sooo cool! I totally am always trying to make lunch cool & love packing her a bento box...might have to grab one of these!

Stephanie said...

I love your lunchbox roundup Kelli!!

Miss you and glad you're loving on your new place of residence :) It sounds amazing. Did you see a shark warning sign at Stinson? Yikes!


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Sand.bank said...

I went with the Goodbyn lunch boxes for me 4&5 year olds and the only complaint I have is that my littlies often struggle to close them properly after lunch and so they often come home with "lunch juices" through their bags. Hope this helps!

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