toddler beds

Our transition from crib to toddler bed [we have this one and it's beautiful!] when Cole was nearly two went so smoothly and now toddler beds are my preference.  I cannot believe we'll be there with Finn fairly soon...

1. you can continue to use the crib-sized mattress
2. little worry about rolling out of bed (it's low to the ground)
3. it's a space saver

I've loved the p'kolino clothes tree and art easel for years but missed the value of this p'kolino eco-friendly toddler bed ($229 full price) that also converts into a chair.

Do you do toddler beds too or straight from crib to twin/full?   


Stephanie Ford said...

p'kolino toddler bed and I love it! Everyone told me not to buy a toddler bed, but we are renting a house with tiny bedrooms, and I love the extra space it leaves in my son's room to play.

Marisa said...

wow, i really love that orange art easel.

we're undecided about the toddler bed. i think it will depend on when he is ready to move out of the crib and where we are living at the time.

Josh said...

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