seen: printed jam and pickle jars, $7/8

I sort of fell in love with preserving when I bought some spicy pickled carrots and some bread and butters from the Happy Girl Kitchen Co. at San Francisco's Ferry building last Spring.  They were incredible and it opened up this can of ambition: I wanted to take a pickling class, to have shelves of homemade jams, to preserve my own mango chutney, to be the girl who gifts pickles.  Luckily, my sister surprised me with this for my birthday and now I know exactly what hobby I'll purse this fall/winter.  

Aren't these jars terrific!  A little pricey for shelves of jam, sure, but for a special gift- exactly what I would choose.  

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kid collective said...

i've been wanting to do the same thing but haven't made the time. terrain home sent out an email this AM on classes, etc they are hosting. i would so love to do that.