[photo from the Puj blog]

After weeks of rain, we're expecting 68 degrees and sun this afternoon.  Of course the park is in our plans.  So is a weekend of gardening, because that's my latest thing.  Also of course, this means that we'll be getting out our "gardening clothes" to save your typical other clothes from the inevitable little boy & man holes.  

["Gardening clothes."  Do you have them too?  The funny thing is that category was born long before we ever had a space to garden.  It probably started when I made an attempt to sort through Brad's wardrobe and 'let him' keep some of the dodgy items "for gardening."]  

This is all to say that I loved finding this tutorial from designer friend, Katie.  A cool way to patch jeans. So our "gardening clothes" can be everyday clothes too.  And that means saving pennies which always turns out to be a really good thing.  

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