today, i'm thinking:

*You know those pictures of yourself that just seem so foreign?  This is one of those.  That's me?  2006: just after I had Cole and decided to cut my hair short (again).  A friend just emailed it over..

*I'm suddenly really excited about gardening.  I went to a little class on Thursday and then came home and spent hours on Sunset.  (What to plant; how to plant; when to plant all for where I specifically live.  It's a brilliant resource!)  Our Saturday was buying and preparing our garden plot and today, I researched our veggie and fruit plans.  (I have notes.)  It's thrilling.

*I just ate half of one of those small, seedless watermelons and still need more Sunday snack.  p.s.  I want to grow some.  See above.

*Oh, just created a formspring account.  (←).  I really like questions/answers and figured this is my fun, friendly piece of internet.  Let's try.

which fabric for our lamp shade: yellow circles or ring my bell?

*These are all the pieces of Cole's four-year-old room.  Some en route and some just waiting to fit in.  It's all coming together.

*Do you do long Sunday walks?  I still smell musty from ours.  

*I cannot stop listening to Brett Dennen. 

*What do you eat when you're craving chocolate?

*My Karen Barbe pillow cover and nice little note came yesterday.  Now, I love her.  

Hope you had a great weekend too!


sarah said...

I looked at that picture and thought - that person looks so much like Kelli! But it took me a second to realize it actually was you. Funny!

Cole's room looks like it's coming together great. And Elliot has that exact globe with the little pictures on the bottom. I can't wait to see pictures of it when you're done!

kelli said...


cole loves his globe and wants me to keep it on his floor (versus armoire) so he can always play with it...

I'm so lame and still need to choose a fabric. keep going back and forth. I'm ordering it today!

missy said...

Oh my gosh, I vote cut your hair short. You look so pretty in this photo! (you always are, but you look so chic in this one)

I gardened all weekend too. Will take pictures and post on my blog so you can see too. It's so much fun, especially with this wonderful spring weather.

What is the globe? Ave would probably love it!

kelli said...

Missy, it's just a vintage globe I bought on etsy. (Where did you find yours, Sarah?)

sarah said...

i found mine at value village for $2.99. score!

Tara said...

Love the yellow circles! Everything looks like it is finally coming together--I love putting together the girls rooms. I will put up pictures once Stella's is all finished up (it is still a little early to get her out of the crib and into a bed . . .)