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ana ventura: My living room is bare-walled right now.  Granted, we're only 3 weeks into our new home but my goal has been to start fresh- to really love my space.  The truth: it's sort of driving me crazy.  Clearly good art (on a budget) takes a bit of time to make right, wouldn't you say?  

Among a framed family photo, some vases and another (now unknown) print, I think embroidery is the perfect fit.  Variety.  Texture.  Yes.

[as seen on Bloesem]


Molly said...

This is really exquisite. I love it.

I bought a piece of embroidery - an apple tree in winter - that is similar in feel - from HARE and DRUM on etsy. You might like her items, though she doesn't have any quite like this at the moment. Here's the one I bought:

I really enjoy all of your finds. Hope you have a great weekend!

- Molly/Charlotte's Fancy

Shine Little Light* said...

oh that is lurverly... Thanks *s*