senegalese storage baskets

serena & lily has suddenly become a stand-out to me in their last couple of catalogs; the styling of their boy rooms (the Ronan room! and that Pez wall in the Asher room) is feeling a bit more broad and I really like it.  (Dear Serena & Lily: the source for that framed seagull print on page 45?)

I've learned that authentic decorating (for your home to look like you- a new focus of mine) usually grows from the details built over time-- ones that you love and somehow share some sort of meaning.  My current favorite Serena & Lily detail is these handmade Senegalese baskets, made by artisans in Africa from natural fiber and recycled plastic.  Maybe because I love Africa, I love the zig-zag pattern and bringing some handmade history into my home- all in the name of storage.  


tiff said...

I've seen that seagull print pop up in several blogs and magazines...it IS charming.

You can buy prints of Sammy Seagull from waynepate.com.

p.s. thanks for sharing such a fun blog!

kelli said...

Thanks, Tiff! That's an awesome shop!

Kimberly Finkel Davis said...

These are great, thanks for sharing.

KJ said...

I'm dying over those baskets. way cooler than the longaberger pieces my mother insists on sending me.

Lindsey said...

wow, i really love the pink/green basket. i wish they shipped to the uk... they don't. :(