baby carrots

Have you heard of the new & hip baby carrot campaign "brought to you by a bunch of carrot farmers?"  They're trying to get Americans to eat 'em like junk food and are starting with new packaging, mimicking the likes of Doritos and Cheetos, a rock-n-roll website and several clever advertisements.  
"It's not an anti-junk-food campaign," says Jeff Dunn, Bolthouse Farms CEO and a former North America president at Coca-Cola. "It takes a page out of junk food's playbook and applies it to baby carrots."  (source)
This $25 million dollar effort plans to show itself in school vending machines.  I really like that part.
Do you think it will work?


Missy said...

I love this. And think it will work. Ave loves to snack on carrots.

Lindsey (urbanmums) said...

i love it! i think it will. soooo great.

p.s. my friend clicked your blog (from my blog when i re-posted your the anthropologie books). she later told me how much she loves delightful. just thought i'd pass on the compliment. :)

Rebecca said...

Dan can make himself sick from eating too many carrots. Seriously. He totally eats them like junk food!