lonny magazine

Lonny Magazine: I owe it to Jacqui.  She recommended here that I look into Lonny Mag to help recover from the sad loss of Domino.  And now I'll pass it on because this virtual (interactive!) glossy is an encouraging piece of the internet.

[That desk!  I can't get over it and found this nice little budget look-a-like here (which actually later popped up in Lonny).  Suddenly I'm feeling like I need a new desk.]

p.s.  Where do you find giant wooden pears?


Molly said...

I don't know where you can get a giant wooden pear. The only thing I can think of are pear and apple candles from Berd and Bee on Etsy:

Molly / Charlotte's Fancy

Anonymous said...

Good question (wooden pear search)! Love the fruit. And love the new magazine source - thanks for posting! New inspiration :)

KJ said...

must. have. that. desk.
oh, sometimes pier 1 has giant fruit like that, wooden or otherwise.