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It's a weekend.  Hooray!  My brain feels so cluttered after our week that I think I just need to put these out there:

1.  Where do you buy great globes?  I really deeply want to start a collection (top of an armoire, on our mantle.. haven't decided..). [link via smile and wave.  original inspiration: domino mag]

2. Have you bought furniture from Restoration Hardware?  I love their Easton Sofa in Cafe Vintage Velvet.  Only in my dreams.  (Know of any good alternatives?  Quality but affordable?)

3. Do you twitter?  I'm a fan.

4. Speaking of Domino Magazine, what do you do without it?  Have you found a replacement?

5. Formspring is the new thing.  I really like the idea of a friendly question/answer forum.  What do you think?

6. I had one of those almost packed my car and just went somewhere moments today.  A spontaneous family vacation, but then I couldn't think of anywhere to go.  Do you get that itch too?  Where do you go?

Off to watch our Netflix.  I hope yours is a good one.


Molly said...

I do Twitter - I love it. I've made so many friends on Twitter who share a love for the same kinds of things that I (and you) blog about. I wish you were on there too (or, are you?), so that we could chat and share links to fun things!

Also, I've been dying for a road trip too. Cabin fever - I'm so ready for spring!

Molly/Charlotte's Fancy

KJ said...

I have that itch continually. i only want to go somewhere warm and sunny, but the nearest warm and sunny place this time of year is at least 8 hours away. I settle for fantasizing, but it doesn't ever cure the wanderlust.

Jacqui said...

I loved Domino mag as well! I just found an online one quite similar that is just as rewarding only you can only read it online! the site is lonnymag.com Enjoy!

kelli said...

Molly: I am on twitter: knburgoyne.

Jacqui: I AM loving Lonny Magazine now. Thank you!