sexy beast card.

(scanned image by me)

Today I walked into a local stationary store and found this cheeky line of cards from the UK, who I vote has the best sense of humor.  I left with the above card.  My scanning does it an injustice, but it's large, thick, recycled, and very man-appropriate.  For only $3.50.  That's hard to find.  

Other favorites:
Keep an eye out or order in their online shop.  


winter citrus.

seen: (here)

seen: (here)

One of my favorite parts of Sunset's February issue is all the talk about citrus.  I once had a dream to own a meyer lemon tree.  I do now- 2 potted dwarf citrus plants right by the sliding back door.  And we were also lucky enough to move into a home with a great (overgrown) lemon tree in the corner of our very small concrete back "yard" that doesn't stop giving us big lemons.  They make me happy (something about citrus in the winter), but I have an over-abundance.  We've done fresh squeezed lemonade for a dinner for 9, lemon yogurt muffins, lemon ricotta pancakes, lemon & parmesan risotto.  Every week, a new lemon recipe is almost necessary before my bowl of picked lemons slowly shrink and shrivel.  I can't keep up with them & love this dilemma.

Inspired by this couple who owns 1/4 acre backyard with an orchard of citrus trees in Costa Mesa, Sunset says to "share the season-- give your extra lemons and limes to neighbors, or host a citrus party."  Of course.  A citrus party.

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Now I'm wanting to start a citrus club.  My lemons for your kumquats/tangerines/mexican limes/blood oranges.  Anyone in?

inspire: x's & o's

Inspired to decorate for Valentine's Day, have a festive dinner party and be more of a romantic.

inspired: indoor play

To roll out on these cold, rainy, snowy days.


I've spent months of my life trying to branch out from my go-to short bob haircut, but it just doesn't work for me.  To my credit, I've worn my hair wavy rather than straight since October (!), but I think my variety will come with accessories.  Right now, I'm loving the idea of these  ban.do clips:

And if you're looking for sparkle too, but hoping to find it in other places, maybe you'll love these:


dining room tables: a search.

seen: via emmas designblogg

A family of boys (2 little + one big), especially a family of boys within my larger family (natural food lovers), is centered around food.  I learned quickly to keep them fed.  I try hard to keep food exciting.  I really want to be comfortable in my kitchen (a work in progress) and to ultimately have a kitchen that my boys and all of their friends are comfortable in too.

In 2011, we hope to find a dining room table (but for the lack of a dining room, one that will serve as a kitchen table too) that will be reason to feed our family & friends, that will stand the test of family and time & that can become the center of our home.

For years now, I've loved the x-leg tables.  Solid & sturdy.  A little bit salvage, a little bit modern.  Found on my search:







my name is Kelli and I love pretty books.

If I were a small bookshop owner (dream!), these would be in my display case:

seen: books I would love to own:


I wish it hadn't taken us years of long legged, short torso-ed and tight armed pajamas to find a good fit in these.  We love the soft and thin with the fit we're looking for.  (And free shipping and plenty yearly sales to add to it all.)  My pajama loyalty (standing favorite: here) is expanding..

20 favorite toys in 2010:

We love good toys but really only collect them at Christmas and birthdays.  And all fit in one toy armoire and one half closet, so we've gotten good at only buying toys that will really be loved and then storing or donating the forgotten ones.  Here's my roundup of our favorites this year (with a clear boy influence).  What would you add?