dining room tables: a search.

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A family of boys (2 little + one big), especially a family of boys within my larger family (natural food lovers), is centered around food.  I learned quickly to keep them fed.  I try hard to keep food exciting.  I really want to be comfortable in my kitchen (a work in progress) and to ultimately have a kitchen that my boys and all of their friends are comfortable in too.

In 2011, we hope to find a dining room table (but for the lack of a dining room, one that will serve as a kitchen table too) that will be reason to feed our family & friends, that will stand the test of family and time & that can become the center of our home.

For years now, I've loved the x-leg tables.  Solid & sturdy.  A little bit salvage, a little bit modern.  Found on my search:







lynette said...

i saw this in one my catalogs today and i thought of you! i hope you find the perfect table this year! :)

Missy said...

I think #1 is my new favorite. love, love it.

Cassi said...

This post is a dream come true! We too are searching, searching for the PERFECT table right now and I NEEDED some great suggestions from someone who has excellent taste and ideas... so glad I know you ;) Which do you like best?