fabric and handle

I've found a great thing, friends.  Today I carried around my new Paige Tote bag and was stopped by a couple of moms at preschool who wanted to know where I got that!  Clearly they saw it too- not only a great, simple design (this one is 100% black linen with light tan leather straps), but it's adjustable, it's completely washable (the straps are removable) and it feels good.  And, after looking closely, I know what they couldn't know yet- it seems to be made flawlessly.  (All for under $40!)  Do you tote?

It's Fabric and Handle and I love knowing this as a new delightful brand.  I've carried totes for the last year but my favorite Orla Kiely tote that I've worn daily is reaching retirement.

More favorite Fabric and Handle bags below.


shine little light* said...

Ummmmm I am so getting one of these! They are great! And affordable! Also, I've nominated you for a little award over at my blog - do play along if you feel like it. Thanks for having such a lovely blog. *s*

Lindsey said...

I love these. Saw them on a blog a few weeks ago, but didn't realise they were so inexpensive. i need one. :)