more sweatshirts: baby boy variety

seen: Peek Kid's new baby oink crew
(also available in baa and moo)

seen: sale versions: snail crew and octopus crew

We're a sweatshirt family but good looking loungewear can be hard to come by, don't you think?  The snail crew is my little boy's favorite top ("bug shirt") and for the love, I wanted to share the deal.  Understandably, I'm very excited about their new line of oink, baa and moo crews.  (Luckily, with our 80+ degree weather, we're in no hurry to pay full price.)

Where do you find your good sweatshirts?


Paul & Paula said...

Good Morning!
I love the sweaters...specially the pig one :)
perfect for little boys! thank you and a
Happy week...

yours truly said...

I'm taking your word on all things boy... you have convinced me of your power:)

Thanks for the tips!