I lovely love my family.

I read this blog post this morning and think you should read it too.  It will tell you about this super cool print for a beautiful cause (plus hooray for Yo Gabba Gabba, our favorite) and if you buy it this week, you will get your choice of another print from the shop- for free.  Spread the love..


And I do lovely love my family.  But this morning was a big Valentine's fail.  After a night of one sick boy in my bed (kicking and tossing every 5 minutes) and another on my floor after a nightmare about foxes and monsters and bad guys (plus all that those kind of nights mean for a mama), I slept in until 8.  Oops.  Which meant that my sneaky boys had already gone downstairs without the usual "goodmorning", opened their valentines by themselves, used the stickers, ate the candy (left trails of sticky) and played with the surprises all before Cole, that clever 4 year old, came in to say- "Mom.  Did you know it's 8 o'clock?  We've already found our surprises Daddy left us."  Daddy?  I'll let it slide.  Because I love them all.  


Happy Valentine's Day.

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Missy said...

we dance to that song a lot. it is a good song with such good lyrics.

not a failure. they were happy, happy boys when you got up at 8:00 am:)