new green toys & tableware organization.

divided plates, snack bowls, 
bowls, divided tray

If there is one thing I just haven't figured out in the last 5 years of parenthood, it's consistent child-friendly (and child-proof) tableware.  We've recycled many (nice, boutique and Target, cheap) cracked plastic divided plates and bowls and now the mis-match of it all drives me crazy.  Wouldn't it be great to have a cabinet full of these- all made from safe, friendly, dishwasher-safe, recycled plastic milk containers.  My experience with this brand tells me yes, it would!

And once I find the right set, I would love for them to all be stacked neatly like this.  Man, I'm in love with this image-- the painted silhouette of each dish.  I feel a high priority to-do.    

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CinnamonInk said...

Ooo I want this and I don't even have children :)