diy huge chalkboard easels

angry chicken: lumber wood + chalkboard paint + chalk = huge outdoor 'easels'.  This is the most clever kind of summer fun.  (I'm a big fan of leaving the messes outside.)

public sells shoes too

Public: I will always love a good sneaker.  And a good sale.  And Public really makes me wish I were part of that biking culture all over again.  (It's just been a part of my past ever since my orange cruiser was stolen from our front door in Boston.  Sigh..)


delightful giveaway: k. grace

*Delightful GIVEAWAY #1: $100 gift card from K. Grace.  Please read below to enter to win..."*

seen: lake dress in grey and indigo denim

Kamilah Grace Cole is the talent behind the just released clothing line K. Grace.  It's a name and brand to know, because suddenly there is a clothing option that really makes you feel good.

"Passionate about not being 'just another fashion company,' they went green."  Each piece is constructed using premium, sustainable and eco-friendly materials and the high quality is tangible.  Pleated hemp/cotton skirts are lined with delicate silk, for instance.  But the clothes are made to withstand wearing and wearing because K. Grace intends to create some resilient favorites for your wardrobe.  The designs are simple and the details are intricate.  K. Grace understands your complex lifestyle and wants you to feel comfortable, flattered, unique and feminine.  If a stand-out summer dress isn't enough, every item is crafted in a fair-trade facility.  You'll inherit peace of mind.

The lake dress flatters my small frame, hides my problem middle and is even pretty without an iron.  It's an easy new favorite and I have a good feeling that it will be for many seasons.  All the better, K. Grace is a friendly company I'm excited to support.

Do you feel inspired too?  Visit K. Grace and simply submit your email address (bottom right of the K. Grace homepage) in order to be eligible to win a $100 gift card!
And because K. Grace is delightful, use code: DELIGHT20 for 20% off K. Grace clothing through Thursday, August 12th (2 weeks).

(giveaway guidelines:)
*after submitting your email to k. grace, comment on this post.
*only one entry/person please.
*giveaway will end Monday, August 9th.
*random winner will be announced shortly after the giveaway closes.  please check back.


more maps.

these are things: They say that "all (they) wanted was a simple, modern world map" and their search turned up nothing.  This started what is the colorful, simple, modern collection by Jen and Omar of These are Things.  The world map is my favorite.  

to sew.

image from here

I wanted one big thing for my thirtieth birthday: to learn a new skill.  After months of deliberating, I've decided to learn to sew.  Of course I'll be a beginner so I don't need much, but I'm on a serious search for a good basic sewing machine.

I know I want the option to quilt, but other than that-- where to start?  I spent last night reading reviews and this has been the most helpful so far.  I might as well pay homage to Purl Soho now because they'll likely be the source of inspiration and materials.   [Even without sewing or knitting know-how, I'm already a daily reader of  their great blog!]

Clearly it's all very subjective, but what machine do you use and love?  What do you look for?  Or avoid?  


make a sponge ball

I saw this and loved the idea of a doable craft for 4 year old Cole and wet activity both boys would go crazy over.  I think they would vote to make an entire bucket full of colorful sponge balls for a playful water fight when our weather decides to warm up.  One I wouldn't mind getting in on!  



kindergallery = the very best art collection for children.  Wouldn't you say?  (With the most pleasant "store front" to boot!)


make these toys!

seen: make these toys [$10.04 on Amazon]

Aahhh... yes!  Just the book I've been looking and looking for.  The kind that helps me create with curious boys who need to be kept busy.  "101 clever creations using everyday items" like a milk carton balloon boat, embroidery hoop tambourine or puppies that roll on thread spools.  


[seen in Living, August 2010]

diy mini balloon invites

on hand + modern: you can't have too much of a good thing, right?  These first birthday invitations made their deserving rounds yesterday but the idea is so perfect that I want a record of this kind of genius.  I've come to realize that simple is usually just right.  

[First seen on you are my fave.  Tips added by Jordan Ferney.]


pure green living

seen: images from the premier issue of Pure Green Living mag

pure green living: this new magazine is as close as it comes to the blueprint I want for my life & home.  Design, garden, travel + recipes too!  This one (above) looks pretty great.  



Something's Hiding in Here: personal style in a range or sorbet colors and playful fabrics ("well crafted with simple hardware, vintage french woven labels and the perfect box") is why I love this new bowtie project.  



seen: earrings and necklace

Do you know friedasophie?  It's delicate and colorful nature-inspired (wearable) art.  It's San Francisco based talent and she's starting to pop up everywhere.  Now consider yourself in the loop.  


shop terrain {$38 and under}

Today, this is what I love from Terrain.  Endlessly inspired.

inspired: children's art (part 2)

seen: here

sesame chicken salad with mango and cherry tomatoes

Does your menu love easy summer salads too?  We tried this one today and I thought it was a perfect cooking compromise.

back home.

This is the day Brad and I celebrated my birthday #30.  (And the first time my little family of four has all been behind a camera at the same time.  Thanks to my sister Ashley who likes taking pictures.)

Our trip was nice nice and beautiful, but I'm really excited to be home.  (And get a haircut!)  On with the inspiration..


{on vacation}

Oops.  I realized I've just left this blog hanging.  I'm on vacation for a couple of weeks: lots of boating, eating big family dinners (with dessert- always), the Oakley rodeo, Sundance Resort and so on.  With the entire family!  It's always the perfect break.

I'll be back in a bit.  And I'll be 30!  I hope you're having a perfect July too.  Happy Independence day.

xo Kelli