diy activity albums

Made By Joel is pure creative brilliance, especially in these albums.  I'm imagining years from now, what I'll want to remember more than what they wore on their first day to school is how and what they've created- from peanut butter and birdseed pine-cones to those block towers that look just like the Golden Gate bridge.  Because it shows pieces of who they'll be forever and I got to watch it first.  

Be sure to see his DIY in the newest lmnop issue.  

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Paul & Paula said...

for my daughters first birthday I made something a bit similar, a big folder with pictures, photos, papers etc of things and people she likes... and we extend it all the time. she takes it from the shelf from time to time and goes like ohhhhhh..........hihihi....ahhhhhhhhh :)
the little one will get one for his first b-day as well
happy week end!