how to make a fresh wreath

seen: "bits & bits wreath" by Studio Choo for Sunset Magazine

I haven't made my way through Sunset's December 2010 issue yet, but I do have page 75 opened on my desk (see above).  It's gorgeous and inspiring and comes with a how-to decorate your house with your "backyard" foliage.  I'm not sure Christmas season will feel quite right until I get something like this onto our front door.  

Read their DIY (beautiful & natural) wreath instructions here.  

Note: My local Whole Foods is selling 24" fresh evergreen wreaths for only $14.99.  (Nice and thick and heavy even.)  I swept up that deal this afternoon and am excited to add my own bits and pieces (especially succulents).  


KJ said...

I've been itching to devour my own copy of this month's Sunset. DId you check out all the divine winter getaways? Suddenly winter doesn't look so bleak!

kelli said...

I flipped through the winter getaways, KJ, and think it's trouble. They look amazing. I'm still dying to do Glacier after their spread a couple of months ago. But of course a push to travel isn't a bad thing..

KJ said...

i can't stop looking at the entire issue.