framed: Lauren Pressey Photography

by: Lauren Pressey
Los Angeles

The Sam Project

Motherhood is nothing short of scary.  I am constantly searching for balance.  To focus on one thing at a time.  To give my children, most importantly, my all.  In my 2 1/2 short years of parenting, I continue to believe having a daughter might just prove to be the scariest endeavor I'll face.  I fear doing, saying, or being the wrong thing and I'm well aware that we haven't even begun to scratch the surface.

This is Sam in a dress I once wore.  To see her as so much of myself gives me perspective.  Perspective on my ability to do my best as a mother and the hope that my best might be worth remembering.  


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kelli said...

I think it's amazing how so many of these framed projects have focused in on our children. They are beautiful; seeing that and our part in it all is poetry.

I love that she's wearing your dress. I love that her eyes are closed. I've really loved looking through your art.

Thanks! (And I'm only sorry it took me so long to finally share it.)

Missy said...

This is really just an adorable photo and thoughts I felt myself nodding to every word.

I wish I had dresses/clothes/anything (!) from when I was a child...I do still have a big quilt. But, I can't imagine the emotions of seeing your child in something that you hold pictures of yourself in as a little girl.

Thanks for sharing!

Paul & Paula said...

I am coming over from urban moms...
I rea;;y ;ile your blog, so fresh and minimal...
beautifil pictures!
I will be back... :)