roundup: hooded towels

Bath time is my very favorite time of the day.  It always calms my boys, it's a good end to any kind of day and they obviously get clean.  I love clean.  But most of all, I love wrapping them in cozy hooded towels.  

Hooded towels.  Are you a fan too?  We're still using them with our four year old and because they're practical for so many years, I think they make the perfect baby gifts.  

My favorites:
2. Kate Quinn Organics luxury hooded towel, $32.  Organic & in so many color options.

Others not pictured:

[*= brands I haven't tried yet.]


KJ said...

we love hooded towels, too and my 4 year old still uses them. I received a few "home-made" and custom-embroidered ones as baby gifts.

Missy said...

My four year old still uses them too. I love them!

I think making homemade ones would be a fun gift to give too.

Which ones are your favorite for "big" kids?

kelli said...

Missy, we still use the Dwell towels (nice and thick.. but smaller) and the monster towel (#9)-- which is the same size as an adult bath towel, with a hood-- and a (homemade) bunny towel that's made similarly to the monster towel. Although I love the soft newborn sized towels, the last 2 are especially great for the bigger kids and practically impossible to outgrow.

(I got the Dwell towels for a portion of the price on babysteals.com)

Richard Sandberg said...

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