inspired: the super easy baby blanket

This is how I want Fall to show itself in my home.  Bold, stripy knit blankets thrown across arms and ottomans that would never need to be folded. 

[A can-buy option here: Vinalhaven Wool Throw]


Erin said...

Gorgeous! I love those rich colours!

Gravity Gardener said...

Making a simple baby blanket is a special gift that comes from the heart and can easily be made with a few simple steps. In addition, these blankets will last years and continue to give them security and level of comfort as they grow into toddlers and beyond. Imagine your little guy or gal dragging their “blankey” around the house or falling asleep in the big chair with it in their arms.

no sew baby blankets are especially easy to make and can last them years.

I found some instructions here if interested....