inspired: it's september.

seen: here

School's in session, it's cooling down and creativity is brewing.  I'm inspired by September.  (Even if we're taking some sick days already.)


Missy said...

you knew that I would love that first image right?? It's now in my favorites folder.

if you can figure out which bookshelves those are I would love you forever.

kelli said...

Missy, it sounds like they built the bookshelves? Read here: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2009/11/sneak-peek-halligan-norris-and-adam-smith.html

(You could get some custom made. We just had a small cabinet built in our living room and a bookshelf built in Cole's closet!)

Missy said...

What did you look up for a shelf to be made? I love the rounded edges. I looked and looked for which house it was on DS and couldn't figure it out. Figures it was from 2009! Thanks for your help...