monday report:

It's a sleepy Monday morning at our house.  We did a to-and-back trip to Sacramento yesterday ( 2.5 hours each way) to see our new little niece/cousin, Joy.  We had a great visit but are feeling painfully tired from pulling up to our house at midnight.  Nothing some cheerful link inspiration cannot fix.  

☛ Last day to put your name in for the K. Grace giveaway.  (I wore my Lake Dress over the weekend and felt fancy.)  And don't miss the 20% off discount code.  Hooray for green fashion.  

☛Another Purl Bee project: the cheerful quilted playmat is so pretty.  But I especially love the room: grey wood floors, those grey dots and quilts stacked on top of an especially tall armoire.  

☛ This is a sweet nursery.  (Sweet Baby James-- love that song.)  The x's quilt, Binth poster and Chad Wys art are my favorite parts.  

☛ More balloon invite love (seen on Hip Hip Hooray blog).  

☛ Stephanie's tart cherry crumb cake sounds so amazing right now.  I tried this recipe over the weekend and think this may happen tonight.  Doesn't it look like a big bite of summer?

☛ While we're on food, I still need to make my way to Paulette Macarons in San Francisco.

☛ I really loved reading these tips over the weekend!  Do you have the book?  [Seen here.]

p.s.  I've been listening to The Cranberries greatest hits all weekend.  Do you remember how amazing they are?  And I finished the Hunger Games.  Loved that book and now need to find another equally exciting.  Any favorites?  

Hope your weekend was restful.  


sarah said...

Did you read all of the Hunger Games books? I think the newest one (and final one) comes out this month. I feel dorky being so excited about a YA book.

kelli said...

Just the first one, Sarah. Is the second worth the anticipation?
I'm fine with feeling dorky.

the emily said...

read Catching Fire (sequel to Hunger Games). It's SO good!

KJ said...

sequel is worth it. the third in the series is set for release on the 24th. I hesitated to read them at all because they are considered young adult, but I couldn't put them down. I also recommend: Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl.

Mandi C said...

Hunger Games is on my to do list, but right now I'm working through The Number One Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. They're lovely! I also finished The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society right before and that is a new favorite. SO good!