first day of preschool.

seen: cole.  (he's four.)

It's a big day at our house and all kinds of emotions have been a part of Cole's first day of preschool!  He's been silly and hyper and tired and hesitant (for just a minute).  

seen: dressed, ready and in his room.

He made some new friends.  He wore too-big shoes.  He didn't really care for the guinea pigs.  But he's very excited about the playground and art stations!

Today was just an hour introduction and I got to stay, so we'll see how I fare tomorrow, but Cole is thrilled about this new part of his life.  And I can't help but be giddy excited for him. (Because it will change my life too.)

Maybe you're doing the same thing this week?  I like the moments when I know people are living what I'm living at the same time.  Don't you?  (Wouldn't first day of school pictures make a fun collection?)


Lindsey said...

I so remember this day, Kelli. I left the school feeling all sorts of emotion, texting alan, I miss her! but she didn't even mind and hardly looked at me as a i left. and of course, soon it just became our routine. and it makes those days off and weekends even more special!

cole looks adorable!

Amanda said...

He looks SO excited. What a great little outfit!

Anonymous said...

He looks really cute :) I love your blog and writings so much. I add you to my page friend list now. Lots of grertings from Turkiye