desk re-do

seen: my new old desk

Just a couple of weeks ago, this was an all black desk.  One that was bought on a student budget many years (and moves) ago.  It was desperate for a makeover so I spent a week with an electric sander (surprise! pretty natural wood under the old, black paint), mirage white paint/primer in one and the darkest (non-black) stain I could find.  This tutorial gave me some guts and then I went at it.  Although I still dream about this desk, it's a happy improvement.

Now I'm onto painting our bookshelf with a gray lacquer (trying paint #2- gray is tricky) and searching for the perfect white chair:



sarah said...

i love that i can see the size of your terrarium here. i want to make one!
the desk looks great kelli!

Lindsey said...

great job kelli! it looks so good!

Allison Esther said...

it looks really nice, I like the chair on the right the best!

Tara said...


Missy said...

Did I not comment on this transformation?? I LOVE it. Way to go..

Mandi C said...

It's beautiful, a little farmhouse! That's a huge project, way to go!