nutcase:  There is a lot of talk about wheels around here.  Cole's four and suddenly he wants to bike! and skateboard!  (Down  hills apparently!).  It will take us a while to get there, but first- we need a helmet that fits his new four year old head.  Because I'm not in to brain injuries.  Paint Fight may be my little boy favorite.  (My first pick is sold out.)  And he likes this one best. 


Lindsey said...

We love oue nutcase helmets. The bike shop on College Ave carries them. Maybe they have your favorite in stock.

Missy said...

Those are the coolest helmet. I like your pick too. Especially since you and Brad met there, to have your first showcasing the flag? So cute.

Tara said...

We try these on EVERY time we are at REI. Along with riding the bikes, climbing the wall, trying out the tents, and hiking through the shoe section.

Super fun, definitely needed.