laundry. simplified.

This is our seventh home during our 6 year marriage, so I know moving and really don't like it.  The boxes and disorganization and upheaval almost break me every time.  But a part of that exhausted post-packing and cleaning me loves the order + organizing that can come with the getting settled.  

I've been especially excited about laundry. Although our very first & new washing machine and dryer is motivating(!), I especially love the 2 1/2 gallon glass jar (filled with my new shaklee detergent) and perfect hampers (extra large + sturdy+ sleek) that speak for the value of small improvements.  Clean is a bit thrilling.  So is day dreaming about an indoor laundry room.  


missy said...

I love the idea of having the detergent in the container. But, I use liquid. Do you use the powder? And is the Shaklee really great??

kelli said...

Missy, I always used the liquid.. and recently started noticing "stains" on my clothes from the detergent. I just switched to powder during this move and it feels so much cleaner. I really love the shaklee (clean, almost scent-free, gentle!).. and just need to figure a way around the expensive shipping prices. maybe I should become a distributor... (any takers?).

missy said...

If you are a distributor, would I get free shipping too? I'll buy from you if you are!

Interesting about the powder. I thought the powder left marks on my clothes, but it has been at least five years. I'll have to give it a try.