save mama baby gift

I love that with Spring comes new babies.  I have many growing friends and it always welcomes the search for that perfect baby gift.  I used this 'save mama' gift basket as inspiration a couple of years ago and still think it's a super group gift: a basket full of "wisdom from those who have been there."

As the gift host, simply gift your favorite container (mine) and encourage other friends to fill it.  What would you add?


Marisa said...

I think I'd add Sophie the Giraffe (my son just loved her!) and for mom, Anne Morrow Lindbergh's classic book, Gift from the Sea.

Sylvia said...

a teether from little sapling. my little boy loves his!

kelli said...

Sophie was our favorite too, Marisa.

And Sylvia, I found little sapling right after Finn grew out of that phase. But they are beautiful (and affordable) and would make the perfect gift!