michelle mason

michelle mason: I think this would help with his nightly requests to 'tell me a story'.  Because all of this started- the very beginnings of our life as four- in London, where Brad and I met.  


Amber said...

So cute...but everytime I see stuff like this, I think to myself, "I can make that"...and then of course, NEVER do!

I did end up ordering 4 duvet covers from Urban Outfitters. I just got them in yesterday, and I LOVE them! Thanks for your posts...I always check them out!

Lindsey said...

Wait, did you guys meet in London or Surrey? Fun to meet overseas. Makes for a good story!

I just saw these pillows last week at a store called bluedog & sought in the cotswolds. i thought they were so cute (they were more expensive at the boutique).

kelli said...

Lindsey: yes, lived (& met) in Surrey. But with nearly four years of going into the city often- it holds a lot of the best memories/stories.