food revolution

just for fun.  it all looks so exciting..

While living in England growing up, I remember how strange it was to see white cheddar cheese and cloudy apple juice for the first time.  A standard breakfast food was rolled oats, nuts and dried fruit (read: muesli) and natural yogurt versus chocolate puffs and bright pink. Turns out, it was just honest food, which is my lifestyle and now (thank goodness) the rising trend.  But what England showed me was how America has generally lost wholesome (food).

Just in time, the British Jamie Oliver is showing up to encourage a Food Revolution in America.  Starting with the schools it seems.  It's time.  And I'm so, so excited for March 26th.


Erin said...

Awesome. I loved Jamie's School Dinners last year in the UK. Can't wait to watch him take on America! He's just so great... Fun, adorable, and a really fab chef. You can't beat that.

Lindsey said...

I am so used to white cheese, eggs not-in-the-freezer section, cloudy apple juice, etc. There is still a lot of junk food here, but I generally think it's easier to buy good, wholesome, organic food at most grocery stores here (even tesco!) vs when I lived in the US (maybe it's all changed in the US now though...).

kelli said...

It's true. Especially here in california, I don't have any issues getting whole/fresh/organic food. It's readily available- which is what I love most about my home here. And of course England holds the good chocolate and plenty of junk food (beef flavored crisps-yuck!). But I think if you look at America as a whole versus England as a whole- so many American's shop in the processed aisles and those British (well, most Europeans- my family especially saw it when they lived in The Netherlands), they gravitate towards the basics: pure foods.

America is slowly changing. That's why this series is exciting. But I think we're so, so behind when it comes to our standard, health and habits.

Wouldn't you say?