thinking about lips

Lip gloss suits me best and I reapply several times a day.  And it wasn't until last night when I saw a small snippet on tv about petroleum jelly based lip glosses and the dangers they introduce when they're inevitably ingested (think about that!) that I started to read the labels on my favorite products.  Ack!  

So, I'm on a mission to quickly switch and I ask: do you have a great natural (petroleum, etc. free) lip gloss?  

Just in my quick research, I've found: 
Fresh (a brand that I use and I love and maybe their tinted lip treatment would do the trick?)

It's a good thing to think about.


missy said...

oh no! I hadn't heard, but it makes sense. I bet that fresh gloss is just perfect!

Kathryn said...

I use the Sugar stick by Fresh. I really like it (I use it nightly), although I think it's far too pricey for what it is. I ran out recently & was immediately gifted another few tubes though, so I guess I'm still fairly loyal.