just some weekend thoughts:

Since Delightful serves as my 'inspiration journal', I typically save my thoughts (+ personal) for the family blog.  The kind that probably only interest my family and the friends that like me enough.

But when it's 9pm on a Friday and we just had one of those really long winter days, the husband isn't home and the kids are finally sleeping, I'm left with these randoms:

I would love this on my new inspiration board.  Not because it's the kind of print I would typically buy (although I really like it. It's peculiar..), but because I want my marriage to fit the "I adore you" declaration.  

"The term “Je t’adore” (I adore you) has a stronger meaning in French than the English “I love you”. I like the idea that there’s something you can say that represents that rare depth of feeling, affection, respect and admiration."

I didn't do anything creative this week.  That always seems to feel like failure.  But these?  They're the perfect fit.  What a clever, friendly gift.  And how about pulling out some of these votive holders next time there's a blackout!  

I know I'm so behind, but add this to my wish list: a sewing machine.  I know we would get along perfectly.  Stefaniexu has some really great fabrics for less.  

I was just saying that I need some more adult appropriate wrapping paper on hand.  This new eco-friendly paper shop debuted with perfect timing.  

[via design mom]

Do you twitter?  I only kind of do with a handful of followers.  But maybe this will motivate me.

seen: Story-Of

Just found Story-Of.  It's beautiful!

I'm really interested to try some of these recipes by {frolic!}'s foodie sister, Elizabeth.  

[can't remember where I first saw Choka??]

I'm really tempted to find and go somewhere warm and dry.  (Thoughts?) Turns out, I'm headed to the cold + snow (Utah) on Wednesday and I'm still really excited.

p.s.  One of the first things I remember learning about my husband Brad is his mini VW Bus collection and his love for Woody Wagoneers.  

Have a happy weekend!  

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Marisa said...

i loved this peek into your world. thanks for sharing.

i don't twitter -- it looks like fun, but between email and blogging and facebook and flickr, I already feel a bit stretched thin when it comes to internet stuff. :D