inspired: perfect bathrooms

seen: photo from seesaw

I have a folder dedicated to magazine pages that feature perfect bathrooms.  I love my nightly bath, so I value a good bathroom.  I think they're a tricky room to get right.  To decorate.  To make comfortable.

I'm choked up about this one.


molly said...

i agree about the bathroom and that one looks just about perfect. That rug is fantastic!

KJ said...

source on the shower curtain? and ditto the rug. gush.

kelli said...

The rug: I know! Need to track it down.

The shower curtain: it looks like one from Ann Gish ($212)

similar ideas:
PB Teen ($49)
Anthropologie (sold out)
bedbathstore.com ($29.99)
Target ($29.99)

kelli said...

Bathmat: House of Fraser (₤18)