framed: sassa art photography

Cassandra Allred

Right now my world is full of unknown certainty: Certainty of a new life, a move to a new state, and a new job for my husband. Yet the unknown is what tomorrow has in store for me. I catch myself longing for the finish line and living in my future plans and dreams, a series of  “when we… then I’ll”. I forget to live and enjoy the moment and to enjoy the journey that will someday take me there.  I’m reminded of this, each day, as I watch my son grow before my eyes. Days, weeks, months… where does the time go? Although my life is somewhat of a blur, my focus is where it should be: on the eyes of my son and family.  

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Linz said...

wow. what a beautiful post. i understand the fear of uncertainty, but looking into the eyes of your family is certainly what will ground you. i, too, am attempting to move to a new state, but it's like tearing my heart out. still, if it's for the family... :)

missy said...

Gorgeous eyes on that little guy. And words to match it. Really inspiring.