framed: darling art photography

Rebecca Mudrick
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I stumbled across this photograph a few days ago and gasped.  Look at how soft he is.  How little.  How round.  He’s grown up since this image was taken - he’ll soon be five.  And as much as I’ve tried to appreciate the simplicity and bliss of raising a young child, I wonder how time went by so fast.  And how I can remember so little of it when I wanted to remember each detail.

Once upon a time I was an overwhelmed, unhappy young mother of two babies.  I couldn’t wait for my boys to grow up.  I wanted the time to fly by.  And then somewhere along the way I grew into motherhood.  Now I am a mother of four who prays each day for time to slow down.  Because they really do grow up too fast.

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molly said...

i completely agree. Seems last year I grew into motherhood and have fallen in love with it all over again.

sweet sweet picture.

missy said...

I love this. Beautiful. THESE are the moments I love seeing captured and trying to capture myself. The moments that I know I want to remember.

Happy thoughts too that will stick with me through the day.

Kristi said...

Very sweet post. I hear ya. I'm growing into motherhood. That's a good way to put it. Hope all is well!

dena said...

It all goes by so so so quickly. We all need to take an extra moment every day to record the little moments and details that make motherhood so worth it.