brainstorming a mario wii birthday

Cole is turning four at the end of March and we're brainstorming ideas.  The most obvious: Super Mario, Wii edition.  [He sleeps with a Mario doll and playing Wii is a special treat.  He may be the biggest/youngest fan.]  The party will likely be small (family), but that won't deter us from cool cupcakes and an equally cool boxed lunch to take to the zoo or park (if weather permits), to then come home a game of Mario and Sonic and the Olympic Winter Games (a highly requested birthday gift).  A celebration with some of his favorite things. 


[also see super mario first birthday party theme here]

Turns out, when you're searching for a Mario + Wii theme, the ideas in the blogosphere aren't lacking.  Could be perfect and playful for a new four year old, right!  


melinda said...

i love the game controller cookies. and the cupcakes

Terri said...

What a fun idea for a birthday theme! I especially love the cupcakes in the top picture. We have Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics and have been playing it often lately. It's a lot of fun... and has some fun ways to use a balance board if you have one (bobsledding!).

KJ said...

Ok, so I don't do video games but these are some really fun ideas for your boy's party. Especially those candy dispensers! Makes the party I had for my 1 year old seem ultra boring. ;)

we chirp said...

This is the perfect solution to my 8 year old's party who is already planning his June birthday party. We will have to have a tournament party with all these greats treats. Thanks!!