today, we're all haitians

Is your heart heavy too?  Even though I'm stumbling over the whys and hows and whats still, I want to feel it because I don't ever want to forget that people suffer.  Horrible suffering.  And I can help.


I really like this thought: "today, we're all Haitians."

They're beautiful people.  It's a beautiful country.  See Justin's documentary: "Love your Neighbor: Haiti".


Today I will know the truth.  Today I will take action.  (Do something.)

Haiti, I hope that everyone's somethings can help recover lives, rebuild homes and bring hope.

(photo here)


Dear Matt said...

Yes, it is so incredibly sad! I can't imagine what they are all going through. Such saddness.

missy said...

My heart hurts. I think of those children not being able to find their parents (and vice versa) and force myself to think of something else...

Thanks for the links.

Marisa said...

thanks for the links + the encouragement to do something.