framed: blue lily photo

Wendy Whitacre
Temecula, CA

I've never seen life in black and white.  The color cast off all objects and experiences is too tangible to ignore- I prefer to experience life through a kaleidoscope of hues and values.   I remember when I realized that perhaps color was more important to me than most my age.  When glancing into my friends' closets as a teen, I saw clothes in black, grey, white... a color here and there. Whereas my wardrobe was more suited to Punky Brewster (still is).

What is it about color? Is it the tangible effect it has on our moods? To me it has an intoxicating effect on the eyes- spreading through the body until all is left warm, happy, content.

I love to live my life in color.


Linz said...

I did an experiment in high school re: the mood of individuals according to color and music. Of course, when music and colors coincided, the effect was very powerful. However, most people were affected by music...yet, the next day, they could still remember the color that I showed them, but couldn't remember the song. Color's very evocative.

Linz said...

Sorry, let me clarify: When told to choose between the two, more people stated they were affected by the music rather than the color in terms of their mood (e.g. a bright shade of yellow vs. a very melancholic song). But the next day, they remembered the bright yellow (and feel *happy* when remembering the color) while not remembering the name of the song.

kelli said...

That's beautiful. I think it says a lot that you can see the world in color.

I Love color too.

missy said...

Most sunset photos just don't capture the REAL beauty of it. But, this one somehow does it. Lovely.