I have a ripped out page from this kitchen renovation in my inspiration folder.  I really love the rug and  am ready to find it for my kitchen.  Any ideas where?  (No sources are listed- in print or online.)

I'm a pretty good google searcher and felt/scalloped rugs aren't producing any good results.  (But it seems at though a similar rug was circulating the design blogs a couple of years ago.)

The alternative would be to make one.. and I like that look a lot too.

But what kind of felt?  Thickness?  Where do you find the webbing?  And the base mat?

The best helper gets a prize.  Really.


Denise said...

I saw these: http://www.selinarose.co.uk/

Same idea, but not that design. Hope that helps.

KJ said...

could swear I've seen that rug (or similar) on oh dee do or apartment therapy. I'm sure at least a reader on one of those sites can help. it's a great look!

kelli said...

thanks, denise! those are beautiful...

and KJ, I could have sworn too. I'm still searching.