create a snow globe

[Alternative snow globe tutorial here.]

After seeing a couple of do-it-yourself snow globe tutorials, I picked up the supplies and we had a go.

We used jars we had on hand (the varying shapes make it exciting), Martha Stewart's white snow glitter (although not the best option- it floats), model train figurines found at Michael's, hot glue and did away with the glycerin step.  They're lovely.  Just as Robert Mahar says, "this is an easy kid craft with very satisfying results."  We can't stop shaking them.

Note: be sure to get figurines tall enough to be seen above the jar's etched neck and the snow drifts that will collect when the jar is resting.  Our fox and bunnies are a bit hidden, but finding them has become part of our snow globe fun.


KJ said...

For 2 weeks I've been searching all over town for figurines to do this with my little one. Can't find them anywhere! Store employees don't even know what I'm talking about!

kelli said...

KJ- Bummer! Did you try a Michael's? Ours had a model train section with little plastic figurines to build a city around a mechanic train. They were fairly cheap too. Otherwise, you could try a toy store/dollar store/party store and look for the plastic play figurines (maybe a cheaper version of Schleich) and go with woodland animals and trees. (And then there's always amazon if you could get them in time.) Good luck! It's a fun and easy project... if you can find the supplies, I guess.