A is for Astronaut

My son picked this out a couple of months ago during a little stop in the super shop Peek Aren't You Curious.  It's an encyclopedia-type read with vintage illustrations and real photographs of anything space (serious and silly).  Really great for inspiring healthy curiosity, imagination and simple learning of facts I wouldn't typically pull out of my repertoire.


a pina colada said...

Great find! I think my son would love this. He is 6, do you think this book is good for a 6-year-old?

kelli said...

Yes, I think it's perfect for a 6 year old. It's all factual:"X" is for an x-15 rocket plane and "H" is for Ham- the first chimpanzee in space, with a wide range from easy to understand to a bit too complex for a 3 year old. The illustrations and photos make it exciting to follow and they've even hidden a little quiz on the back cover.