free: sweetbeets chore chart

Sweetbeets (also here):  You should get to know Lisa.  She's been my go-to for many birthday and baby cards (letterpressed + recycled) and I always end up mailing something I'm proud of.

Better yet, she gives always free + colorful chore charts.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Kelli for featuring Sweetbeets on your truly *delightful* blog!!

missy said...

So generous to offer the chore chart! I'm going to print it right now.

I think I've received a Sweetbeets card and I still have it. Love the featured birthday card.

kelli said...

me too! we're already using it for cole and it's the perfect inspiration. thanks, lisa.

Stacy of KSW said...

Lisa is one of my ~*fave*~ mommy designers. Such a sweetie too. She's actually how I found your site {Lovin it!}