you are my sunshine

seen: Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Sunshine

Elizabeth Mitchell (sold at Land of Nod): This is one of my very favorite baby gifts I got 9 months ago, the week Finn was born.  We dance to it, we crank up the volume when I'm cooking dinner, the kids fall asleep to it at night and I still don't tire of it.  This indie pop singer does children's folk ("tunes pulled from the songbooks of the Carter Family, Leadbelly and Woody Gunthrie")  in a hip kind of way.

(Qualifies for free shipping.)


missy said...

Hmmm...I have a $25 gift card to iTunes. I am going to go check it out!

Cassi said...

SO weird that you're posting about this. I JUST bought this CD on itunes after seeing it on Land of Knod a few weeks ago. I bought this one and her first CD. Both are amazing. We're rockin' out with ya.... =)

p.s. needed to collect my thoughts about the blog. Email you later today.... ;)

Cassi said...

land of NOD.... not knod. ha ha.

missy said...

Did I tell you that I bought this? We LOVE it.