sofia masri

Sofia Masri: I prefer to make a small statement with jewelry.  Big and dangly always throws me off.  So I love that this Sofia, a graduate in fashion design originally from Mexico City, is creating just that by working with porcelain, by hand, and finishing her art with lead free, food safe glazes.  Colorful, subtle and vintage.  And they're fun to gift.


missy said...

Do you have these Kelli? Why do I think I remember you having them.

I've attempted big and dangly and well, it just didn't go so well. I like your motto of small statements.

kelli said...

I do have them, Missy... and really do like them. I've even gifted them once. They're fun (a little bigger than your typical stud earring).

Ashley said...

I love my Sofia Masri earings! Perfect for everything casual.